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The Wayne Shorter Quartet on Tour

Wayne Shorter is legendary in the jazz world; well known for his revival of the soprano saxophone and revolutionary approach to fusion jazz as member of the band Weather Report. Since the 1950’s, Shorter has brought the saxophone and jazz to new heights, having his improvisations compared to a long, dramatic brush stroke on a canvas. Shorter even performed on a six year tour in the 60’s with Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. Since the 90’s Shorter has moved on to performing solo, with his quartet, and writing numerous compositions for with he has received many awards including a Grammy for Best Jazz Instrumental Solo for his “In Walked Wayne” composition an received an honorary doctorate from NYU.

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One Concierge & Global Adrenaline Check-In at Mandalay Bay for the Haunted Hotel Ball

Boca Raton, FL, USA – September 25, 2012 – One Concierge (, a luxury concierge and lifestyle management firm, have joined forces with Global Adrenaline to put together the most electrifying Halloween party of the year. On October 27, 2012, from 10:00pm till 4:00am Global Adrenaline and One Concierge will be calling Mandalay Bay home, as they welcome over 3,000 partygoers to Las Vegas’ most anticipated Halloween event. Read more »


One Concierge & The Lavish Store to Provide VIP Access to Red-Carpet Events/Experiences Worlwide

Boca Raton, FL, USA – September 15, 2012 – One Concierge(, a luxury lifestyle and enabling service, announced today that they have recently signed a Joint Venture Agreement with The Lavish Store( as a partner specializing in providing high-end concierge services, unique experiences, luxury automobile rentals, helicopter charters, and more. Read more »

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How Jaco Pastorius Made His Trademark Sound

Everywhere one can go it seems there are traces of Jaco’s trademark sound. Whether it’s a commercial on T.V. or a 16th note groove escaping from the confines of the record store on the corner of the avenue, Jaco’s revolutionary approach to bass guitar may be found anywhere. Unlike his various predecessors, Jaco redefined the bass guitar utilizing abstract and unconventional techniques, paving the way for future musicians. Truly a man before his time, here is a list of various ideas and techniques Jaco used to create his unmistakable trademark sound.

The Fret-less Bass: Coming from a poor family in Fort Lauderdale Florida, Jaco didn’t have enough money to buy the instruments that he needed, which led to a more creative approach Read more »