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The Palm Beach Yacht Club

Yacht clubs remain among the world’s most prestigious organizations; so prestigious, in fact, that even people without yachts or even a sailing background want access to these member’s only events (of course, you are allowed membership without having to own a sailing vessel). Many among the world leaders in business are members of yacht clubs and there is no question why. Yacht clubs offer extensive and highly valuable networking opportunities that are unattainable elsewhere. Read more

Professional Concierge Service

Personal Transportation: What’s Right for You

Everyone is aware of the different varieties of personal transportation: limo, town car, private jets, etc. However, it remains to be seen that everyone knows which form is best for which occasion. Some people are actually more comfortable in the backseat of a town car than in the open spaces of a limousine. The same applies for the opposite too. Many people are buying personal jets and hiring personal pilots on call for an unexpected flight at any moment. This is great for those with a fast paced lifestyle and are needed in various areas across the nation or world. Sometimes we are left with a decision to make as to which transportation service to utilize, the one provided for you or the one that you personally hire on a regular basis.

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