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How Jaco Pastorius Made His Trademark Sound

Everywhere one can go it seems there are traces of Jaco’s trademark sound. Whether it’s a commercial on T.V. or a 16th note groove escaping from the confines of the record store on the corner of the avenue, Jaco’s revolutionary approach to bass guitar may be found anywhere. Unlike his various predecessors, Jaco redefined the bass guitar utilizing abstract and unconventional techniques, paving the way for future musicians. Truly a man before his time, here is a list of various ideas and techniques Jaco used to create his unmistakable trademark sound.

The Fret-less Bass: Coming from a poor family in Fort Lauderdale Florida, Jaco didn’t have enough money to buy the instruments that he needed, which led to a more creative approach Read more »


5 Unusual & Unique Restaurants

As a luxury concierge/lifestyle provider, we are often tasked with restaurant reservations, finding unique dining experiences and restaurant suggestions and recommendations. With a wide variety of restaurant choices around the world from 5 star celebrity restaurants, themed diners and local eateries, there is a lot of choice. However, the 5 restaurants showcased below go above and beyond in their quest to create the ultimate dining experience for their guests. Take a look and let us know what you think!

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