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July 2, 2013

All-You-Can-Fly Service Offered by Fledgling Airline

by oneconcierge
luxury concierge services

Surf Air, a start-up airliner based in Burbank, CA is offering an incredible service to its clients. Their all-you-can-fly service, catering to the business elite provides clients with the “ultimate” unlimited corporate jet experience for a mere $1,650 a month.

The airliner sweetens the pot further by including high-end concierge services, and not to be outdone they also provide clients with the convenience of being able to book their flights online or via mobile device.

Subscribing to Surf Air allows the client not only to easily and conveniently book themselves, but they are also able to book guests for free.

Much like the guests aboard these Surf Air flights, today’s business executives don’t have the time to stand in line at the airport, booking their flight. Because of such limited available time during travel, it’s become less of a luxury and more of a necessity for busy executives to hire a corporate concierge to take care of the details of their trips.

No longer having to deal with the specifics of the trip, businessmen and women are able to focus on the real reasons they are taking that trip in the first place.

The corporate concierge is the ultimate business tool, whether you’re traveling or just need an extra hand to take care of all that busywork for you.

In the office, delegating tasks can become difficult when there are so many small tasks to be completed (be it personal or work-related), and so few workers to complete them. Utilizing a corporate concierge gives you and your staff an extra hand to complete those mundane tasks so you can get back to work and complete the more pressing ones.

Implementing a corporate concierge in your company’s benefits package is a unique way to show your employees you appreciate their hard work and dedication. The concierge will provide your employees with services that help them maximize their time personally and professionally. Employees may even have their concierge run personal errands such as holiday gift shopping, dry-cleaning and grocery shopping so they can leave work and spend more timSince employees are able to delegate a concierge with their personal to-do list, more of their time in the office is being spent completing work-related tasks, in thereby improving productivity.

The corporate concierge doesn’t stop at office tasks. Take your concierge with you when you travel. Avoid the stress of booking your flight and hotels by having your concierge take care of it for you. You can now enjoy your flight and rest assured knowing you have everything you need for your upcoming trip taken care of, courtesy of your concierge.

A lot of factors go into planning corporate events; and when you don’t know the first thing about event planning, the thought of doing it all by yourself can be extremely daunting. If you’ve been tasked with planning a huge corporate event and have no idea where to start, your concierge is an excellent resource. The concierge’s job is to know where to go to acquire specific goods, be it a catering company, entertainment or otherwise. With a concierge on your team, your next event will be a bonafide hit!

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity around the office, book your airfare and hotel room for that upcoming trip or plan that big corporate event, there’s literally nothing your corporate concierge can’t do for you.


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