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Traveling? Let Your Personal Concierge Help

Making travel arrangements can be an absolute nightmare. Waiting on hold after your call being abruptly transferred half way across the world can seem like an endless tunnel with no escape. Unfortunately, many of the major airline services lack VIP phone line services, preventing you from properly making travel arrangements in an adequate amount of time. Bricks and mortar travel agencies are a dime a dozen and can be a menace and lack an overall accommodation to those with high luxury in mind. Fast paced businessmen and individuals will find that many of these agencies lack the capacity to work around your tight schedule, resulting in lost arrangements and improperly scheduled flights. “It goes beyond travel agencies because we just pretty much don’t say no to customers and their requests,” says John Noel, CEO of MyAssist, a personal concierge service specializing in traveling accommodations and needs. Personal concierge services specializing in travel accommodations and scheduling exclusively are rapidly growing and expanding. A simple Google search of such concierge services in your area should provide you with at least two pages of separate organic listings. Finding which concierge service is best for you may be easier than it seems. The best concierge services will answer their phone before the third ring and offer 24 hour contact availability.

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