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Personal Transportation: What’s Right for You

Everyone is aware of the different varieties of personal transportation: limo, town car, private jets, etc. However, it remains to be seen that everyone knows which form is best for which occasion. Some people are actually more comfortable in the backseat of a town car than in the open spaces of a limousine. The same applies for the opposite too. Many people are buying personal jets and hiring personal pilots on call for an unexpected flight at any moment. This is great for those with a fast paced lifestyle and are needed in various areas across the nation or world. Sometimes we are left with a decision to make as to which transportation service to utilize, the one provided for you or the one that you personally hire on a regular basis.

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Conciege Services Missouri

Big Cedar Lodge: Vacate to the Great American Outdoors

“The great American outdoors” has been idolized in movies, television, and books. Jack Kerouac has dedicated his career of writing novels to somehow encapsulate how “the great American outdoors” affects us all. National Lampoon’s Vacation movie series starring Chevy Chase has brought humor into the values that most of us American’s have grown up with. Why not continue the tradition with your family and bring them to the big Cedar Lodge in Missouri? Located in the heart of the wilderness, the big Cedar Lodge will cater to you and your family’s every wilderness need. With several locations, package offers, and holiday events, there is no better place to bring your family on vacation. Read more »

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How Jaco Pastorius Made His Trademark Sound

Everywhere one can go it seems there are traces of Jaco’s trademark sound. Whether it’s a commercial on T.V. or a 16th note groove escaping from the confines of the record store on the corner of the avenue, Jaco’s revolutionary approach to bass guitar may be found anywhere. Unlike his various predecessors, Jaco redefined the bass guitar utilizing abstract and unconventional techniques, paving the way for future musicians. Truly a man before his time, here is a list of various ideas and techniques Jaco used to create his unmistakable trademark sound.

The Fret-less Bass: Coming from a poor family in Fort Lauderdale Florida, Jaco didn’t have enough money to buy the instruments that he needed, which led to a more creative approach Read more »


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