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October 16, 2012

Golf Concierge Services

by oneconcierge
Golfing Concierge Services

The concierge service industry has been a rapidly growing industry within the last five years. In the past, most concierges were supplied by established businesses like hotels and hospitals; personal concierge services and the like were only limited to the rich and the famous. Today there are a number of concierge services specializing in a variety of different facets that are available to a wider range of people. Many concierge services pertain to specific functions like travel, yachting, personal concierge, corporate concierge, and the latest in specialty concierge service: sports concierge services.

Sports concierge services are a revolutionary service in its very own class. There are even a few different varieties of sports concierges, like those pertaining to specific sports like golf or tennis, or those who focus on a variety of sports. Some of the concierges will focus on providing sporting event scheduling while others will focus on the athlete rather than the enthusiast, offering

databases of trainers, gyms, managers, and more. For instance, “The Sports Concierge” in the United Kingdom focuses on local golf, tennis, and rugby events. Most sports concierges however seem to focus on a single sport, like golfing.

Golfing concierges may have many differences between themselves especially on levels of luxury accommodations and overall availability. With the latter point, most golf concierge services are limited to resorts, country clubs, or hotels with accompanied golf courses, preventing outside utilization of the services. “My Golf Concierge” is the best golf concierge offered to the general public. “My Golf Concierge” is a website that serves as a listing of various different courses throughout the world and offers exclusive concierge membership. The website also functions as an online magazine, featuring various articles

pertaining to golf. Members of “My Golf Concierge” gain access to their finest amenities such as exclusive golf packages at various different resorts throughout the world.

As they are a concierge service, “My Golf Concierge” offers exclusive catering to members’ needs. For example, you are about to go out on the course at the Kiawah island Golf Resort in Hawaii and you realize that the caddy provided for you is inadequate. A quick phone call with “My Golf Concierge” will solve the problem, giving you best options for local golf caddies available. The best services that “My Golf Concierge” has to offer are those related in golfing event management. Managing a golfing event is excruciating and “My Golf Concierge” has the ability to manage any and all necessities of any golfing event

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