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September 28, 2012

VIP Halloween Party at Dracula’s Castle

by oneconcierge
Personal Concierge Service

Every year there are Halloween parties targeted towards the elite of society. It seems as though with every passing year there are more and more exciting events that demonstrate the spirit of Halloween. This year is no exception to the rule with the first ever VIP Billionaire Halloween Party at Dracula’s Castle. That’s right, this Halloween party takes place in the actual Dracula’s Castle in Brazov Romania so the true Halloween enthusiast has better perk their ears.

Tickets for this once in a lifetime event go on sale October 4th and there are only 100 tickets available, making it the most exclusive Halloween event this year. Ticket prices range from
3,700 Euros for single guests to 10,000 Euros for the premium package tickets. No matter which ticket you buy, the fact stands that this is the Halloween event that people will talk about for years to come. As previously stated this is the most exclusive Halloween event this year and One Concierge can get you there. Call us now for information on getting tickets before the rush. We will also ensure that all necessary travel arrangements are taken care of and that the event staff in Romania are already conforming to your every request. As is natural, any prior arrangements made for the dates of the event that need to be rescheduled will be done exactly as you specify, leaving luxury the only thing on your mind.

The event takes place from October 29th and continues until November 1st. At the airport, VIP status is granted in addition to bodyguards and personal assistants (or shadow personal assistants if that is preferred). Luxury is of the upmost importance during this event and that is exemplified by granting guests with personal sommeliers guaranteeing the finest of wining and dining. Since guest of this event expect nothing but the best, private limousines are granted to guests for transportation between castle, airport, and other exhibits located around the castle. In order to provide the best experience possible, access to the entirety of the castle is granted during the party (the only rooms closed off are those utilized for storage). In order to experience the castle in its fullest, private tours are provided with the most educated and experienced tour guides available. Being as this is a luxury event, open bar with premium wine and spirits as well as delicacies from around the world including fresh Caviar with crème fraiche and argan nut treats.

For the VIP packages, transportation to and from the airport is granted via helicopter as well as VIP amenities and privileges wherever they are provided. Dedicated assistants are granted to ensure that the VIPs are able to spend the most time possible in the upmost luxury. Also granted to VIPs is special access to the exclusive patrimonial exhibits within the castle and exclusive access to visit the Poenari Castle nearby. The schedule of the event is flexible and ready to conform to the tight schedule and requests of its guests.


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