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September 28, 2012

Private Air Travel

by oneconcierge
Concierge Management Services

If it is a commonality for you to be travelling abroad, whether it is leisure or business, chances are you’ve heard of the option of flying in a private jet. Booking commercial jet flights can be quite arduous and boarding those flights can be even worse. Unscheduled flight delays and numerous layovers are very common, requiring you to constantly keep up with updates as to your flight schedule even after purchasing tickets. It may seem strange at first, but only private jets offer luxury in the air. Tired of being seated next to the annoying barking dog or crying baby? Then private air travel is what is best for you. Booking a flight with a private jet line can be easy, simply speak with your personal or corporate concierge to book your next flight.

It seems to be a common misunderstanding that private jets are available exclusively to those with celebrity status. This couldn’t be further from the case when there are so many private jet companies available nationwide. Many of these companies offer a wide variety of lines of jets available for rent. Convenience of their guests is of the upmost importance to private jet lines. Never experience a cancelled flight again and rest assured that luxury air travel is granted to your, your business associates, and your family. Private jet lines may offer luxury amenities comparing to that of a limousine featuring advanced entertainment systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, jet beds, satellite television and phone service, as well as the best in fine dining (never beg for a small bag of peanuts and sip of ginger ale again!)

Private jet lines also feature the best flight attendants available. No longer shall the aisle seat be associated with bruised elbows or smashed toes! Private jets typically only have four to five seats available which erases the need for those infamous food carts. On commercial jets, flight attendants are generally outnumbered 15-1, so asking for assistance may take several minutes. You will not even need to push a button just lean over and speak with the attendant who is but a couple feet away. Conforming to the rules of commercial jets can be exhausting constantly asking you to fasten your seatbelts or return to your seats. This is typically because the pilot needs to fly through some clouds that create turbulence in order to continue on the straightest path possible. For your luxury, most private jets will fly around any obstructions in the sky that may cause any discomfort to you, your family, or business associates.


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