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September 21, 2012


Personal Concierge Services

by oneconcierge
Best Concierge Company

Despite what some people may think a personal concierge can be both efficient and cost effective in taking care of the “little things” in your life so you can focus on the important aspects that need to be focused on. These services are not limited to people with celebrity status. Oftentimes businessmen and local politicians need a top-notch concierge service, just to make it through the week, ensuring that all tasks were performed and all meetings were met. Unlike other forms of personal assistance, personal concierge services aren’t a dime a dozen. These services are unique in their methods to ensure that everything is taken care of.

Oftentimes, personal concierge services offer a staff of people working for you, unlike personal assistants. To continue further, personal concierge companies will train from within leaving you free to do as you peace, resting assured that you are in qualified hands. Not only are personal assistants hired by, but they are trained by you as well. Hiring a personal concierge means you hire a staff of people who are already prepared to handle anything you need. But what exactly do they do?

Event planning is the most traditional form of concierge service. Form completing and delegating to-do lists, to scheduling conferences, product launches, and civic events. Quite frequently a butler will perform these tasks and many personal concierges services offer in-home butlers. However, butlers employed by concierge services focus on other aspects of their duties, leaving the event planning to more qualified individuals. Other services include those who deal in international businesses. Many personal concierges will have people available who are fluent in any language that may be necessary and even offer training so that you may communicate with international clients much easier.

Other aspects of services offered by personal concierges include entertainment. A personal concierge will work to make sure that any guests of yours are entertained and taken care of while you are busy working. A personal concierge will offer personal transportation to and from airports, and take your guests on scenic drives through town enjoying sight-seeing, shopping, and other various forms of entertainment. Suppose you forgot to send flowers to an ailing loved one in the hospital. Don’t worry! Your personal concierge hasn’t forgotten and has probably already decided which flowers and message will be best. As mentioned earlier, most personal concierge services also offer butler services. A butler will coordinate housekeeping, home repairs, and arrange transportation for family while your vehicle is with you at work or in the shop. All in all, a personal concierge works nonstop for you so you may take the time to work on what is important, or take the time to golf Wednesday mornings.

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  1. Madeleine
    Nov 8 2012

    I couldn’t do without the personal concierge services! I didn’t believe in those kind of services until my husband convinced me to try..since then day by day I realized how difficult was to manage everything without this precious help! I’m looking for a new place to stay since we’re moving to Florence in a few months and the concierge service will be our “must have” for the research! Does everyone know if in Florence is it common to get this service offered in luxury residences? Thank you all!


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