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September 21, 2012

4 Must Visit Restaurants In Miami

by oneconcierge
Executive Concierge Services

Vacating to Miami? Looking for a world-class dining experience? Or perhaps you live here and are just looking for new places to eat. Here is a list of 4 restaurants in Miami that will give you the best in local and international cuisine. Of course when talking about place to eat in Miami one can’t leave out the fantastic Cuban restaurants lining any of the downtown streets. Much like the pizza in New York, one simply can’t miss out on the delicious Cuban sandwiches that trademark Miami’s local dining experience.

1.) The Tudor House- Located in Miami Beach, just a stones throw away from the famous white sand South Beach, The Tudor House Restaurant offers delicacies for all meals of the day. Voted the Best Hotel Restaurant in Miami 2012, the Tudor House Restaurant offers cuisine conceptualized by Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, who specializes in remastering classic Americana dishes like pop-tarts, pea soup, and fried chicken into a fine dining experience. Utilizing fresh seasonal ingredients, catering to the local appetite, and ushering us into a new world of delectables, there is no better dining experience in Miami.

2.) Lorena Garcia’s Cocina Restaurant- Did your flight get an unexpected delay? Or perhaps you showed up at the Miami International Airport just a few hours early and need something to eat or pass the time away? Then Lorena Garcia’s Cocina Restaurant is perfect for you. Located in Concourse D of the airport, this restaurant offers the best in Latino dining that Miami has to offer. Lorena Garcia has been a T.V. personality for quite some time, participating in shows like Top Chef Masters, Vida Gourmet, America’s Next Great Restaurant and featured on day time talk shows like The Today Show and CNN’s “Latino’s in America.”

3.) Mixtura- A Peruvian Fusion Restaurant, there is no better place in Miami to enjoy international fusion cuisine. Mixtura offers locally inspired Peruvian delicacies like Ceviche` Tuna Tatar, Gulf Shrimp Parpardelle, and Lomo Saltado a stir fry tenderloin dish. What attracts people most about Peruvian cuisine are the colorful, spicy and non spicy peppers that decorate the plate. Often found in Peruvian restaurants are a mixture of various chilis and Mixtura is no exception, specializing in various seafood dishes.

4.) Azul- Located in the Mandarin Oriental Luxury Hotel, Azul offers the best in fine dining featuring an eclectic blend of such food genres as European, Oriental, and American cuisine. When in Miami, one must experience their food, and Azul guarantees the best dining experience with such dishes as Carnaroli Risotto with soft poached hen egg, and Japanese Hot Pot with Sake Marinated Black Cod. Azul also offers the best wine program featuring more than 700 world-class wines.


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