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September 20, 2012

Social Media Management: A New Personal Concierge

by oneconcierge
Corporate Concierge

Are you tired of seeing your product or business not getting the fanbase or viewings that you think it deserves? Tired of spending endless hours making sure your social media network is stable and generating revenue? Well the new form of personal concierge is the social media concierge services. This concierge will build social channels, create content around your business, and have your fanbase grow by engaging with the community. Not only is this beneficial to anyone running a business, it is rapidly becoming a necessary form of personal assistance. Focusing primarily in optimizing your social media market (SMO), they also provide services that various events such as product launches are being properly promoted.

Everyone knows of the top three forms of social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Social media concierges also work within the more specific social media facets, like Linked-in and Kickstarter. Not everyone knows of these specific forms of media but be aware that your clients are fully aware. Kickstarter is a program that specializes in promoting and raising funds for small businesses ensuring their placement in the proper market. Many people have utilized Kickstarter and other similar fundraising websites to their vast benefit. Success stories include video games, indie films, and products like home entertainment, lamps, and even handmade marshmallows.

To ensure that your social webpages are generating the viewings that are needed, a personal concierge will visit your fanbase and client’s personal social webpages and interact with them. Interacting with your clientele ensures that your clients have your business or product on their minds throughout the day and that they feel more connected with your services than your competitors. As it turns out, people love it when you take the initiative to contact them. A personal concierge will keep in touch with your clients by creating messages, posting on their bulletin, and even harvest their crops on Farmville.

In short, a social media concierge is rapidly becoming one of the foremost varieties of personal concierge services. Specifically catering to your business or products social media needs, there is no better way to ensure that the word is out on your business. Of course, it is possible for you or your personal assistant to take care of such needs, but it truly pays to have experts on the scene. Social media concierge services are experts in SMO. SMO is the process of making your social media webpages more visible on sites like Google and Facebook. Searching through these webpages, if your business or product is not on the first page, it may be that your potential clients can’t find you at all. For this specific service, it truly takes a team of experts to ensure your placement. Unfortunately with SMO that is done at home or by a friend, it may occur that your webpage be sandboxed for a period of one to three years for improper methods, preventing anyone from viewing the webpage.


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