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September 18, 2012

Personal Transportation: What’s Right for You

by oneconcierge
Professional Concierge Service

Everyone is aware of the different varieties of personal transportation: limo, town car, private jets, etc. However, it remains to be seen that everyone knows which form is best for which occasion. Some people are actually more comfortable in the backseat of a town car than in the open spaces of a limousine. The same applies for the opposite too. Many people are buying personal jets and hiring personal pilots on call for an unexpected flight at any moment. This is great for those with a fast paced lifestyle and are needed in various areas across the nation or world. Sometimes we are left with a decision to make as to which transportation service to utilize, the one provided for you or the one that you personally hire on a regular basis.

Let’s face it, limousines are both fun and exciting, but a lot of times it is impractical to hire one; it all depends on where you’re going and the occasion. Visiting a local theatre can be extravagant, however arriving in a limousine can seem pretentious. Arriving in a sleek black four-door sedan can convey the image of upmost luxury without being over-bearing. This may even convey a sense of modesty by not expressing the amount of money you have to spend. Limousines are great for special occasions. With the various options of models of limousines and the amenities found within, a limousine is the perfect vehicle for arriving at any special event.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a new area with no network setup of local transportation agencies. Do not feel pressured to take the next available taxi, when a simple search of the airport will provide you with a plethora of available personal drivers. Taxis can be dirty and the drivers unaccommodating. Personal drivers are not only trained and certified in transportation services, but they are also fully trained in hospitality, ensuring that your driving experiences are the best that they can be. Chat with guest services to figure out which driving company is best for your specific needs. You may find a large number of drivers who are capable of driving you where you need to go. You may spend the time talking to these drivers, finding out which one is more compatible with you. Some drivers may only be useful when taking you straight to your destination, while others will be able to take you on a scenic drive around town, visiting local shops and fine dining restaurants.


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