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September 18, 2012

How to Fully Utilize a Hotel Concierge

by oneconcierge
International One Concierge

Anyone checking into a room at a hotel has spoken with the hotel concierge. Many of us even know that there are a number of services that a concierge will perform for you. However, have you really utilized your hotel concierge to their fullest potential? Did you know that when you order room service you are actually speaking with concierge? Did you know that a hotel concierge will also offer services outside of the services pertaining to the hotel specifically? All of this and more will be discussed throughout the contents of this blog. After reading you should be filled with the knowledge necessary to ensure that you are utilizing your hotel concierge to their fullest potential.

When ordering room service or housekeeping, it is common to actually be speaking with the concierge, who then will make the necessary arrangements for your needs. Speaking directly to the concierge guarantees that you will be treated with respect and with the proper etiquette. Once notified, a concierge will also see to it that your laundry is taken care of, and that housekeeping puts your possessions back in the proper place. Oftentimes, if you do not clearly go over specific detail such as these, you will find that housekeeping may misplace items in your room, leaving you to believe that it is simply lost or stolen. Laundry may even be kept untouched, building to the sizes of a great pile in the corner of your room. Interaction with the hotel concierge and the exchange of necessary information will guarantee that noting is misplaced and that everything is tidy according to your specifications.

Of course, hotel concierges aren’t limited to directing services pertaining to the hotel alone. From making reservations at a restaurant, to scheduling out your vacation, there is very little that a hotel concierge cannot help with. Even telling your concierge that you would like seafood or Spanish cuisine for dinner will be direction enough for them to make the necessary phone calls to make a reservation at the best restaurant available of your choice. A concierge is there purely for your convenience so be sure to utilize them accordingly. Arranging transportation is amongst the services that a concierge will excel in. Most hotel concierge services will already have a database of local transportation agencies that are already familiar with handling clients at your hotel. Shopping is another major service that a concierge will help with. By providing you with the necessary maps and directions to local shopping areas and providing you with a detailed list of partnered retail stores who will provide you with discounts, there is little that a concierge can’t do to make your shopping experience the best that it can be.


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