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September 4, 2012

The Infinity Pool: Beyond Luxury

by oneconcierge

Perhaps your neighbor has one, or maybe you saw one in a magazine. Or perhaps you’ve never heard of the infinity pool and want to find out more. Whatever the case may be, you want one, as One Concierge explains why. Tip! If you can’t bring your friends and family to a luxury spot by concierge, bring the luxury home with you.

The infinity pool is the best in home pool luxury. Here’s how it works – instead of having a small enclosed skimmer on the side of the pool cleaning the surface of the water, carefully designed so as to hide the ugliness of the contraption, the infinity pool has a trough that lines one or more sides of the pool so that there is no ugliness. The water just spills over the side landing safely in the trough to be recirculated. This revolutionary design allows for optimum surface cleaning, guaranteeing a leaf-free swim every time. What truly makes the infinity pool appealing is the constant flow of water spilling over the sides creating a flat, clear surface. Indeed, it looks as though a plate of glass has been set on top of the water, preventing any waves or ripples, bringing breath taking beauty to any backyard.

How did the infinity pool get its name? Most infinity pools are designed to overlook a body of water like an ocean or lake. When lounging next to the pool or maybe floating on the water in a raft, the infinity pool creates an optical illusion that your pool continues into the body of water, creating a seemingly never ending pool. Don’t live next to a body of water? That’s okay because if positioned properly, the infinity pool can look as though it extends to the horizon, or that the sky itself has come down to fill the water of your pool. Often, infinity pools are decorated with tiny one square inch blue ceramic tiles throughout, bringing the dazzling sapphire ocean water right to your backyard.

Want to go a step further? Have a personal spa set up right next to the pool with a constant water fall flowing straight into the pool, not only soothing to the skin but to the ears as well. Today, it is rare to find any of these exceptional pools without a salt water system. Never heard of it? Well salt water pools are the wave of the future featuring very low chlorination levels and moderate levels of salt, invoking the experiences of a world class spa, every time you swim.

To view the 25 most beautiful infinity pools worldwide just click on this link: and see what infinity pools have to offer for your backyard. No matter if it’s a swimming or a reflection pool, infinity pools offer the best in luxury.


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